Cheap Satanism Records started as a joke. This lead to more jokes. Initially the label was built around a personality and this personality’s projects. But since, it has become the base of a highly creative game, determined to rule, using force and cunning if necessary.

At first, Cheap Satanism Records just wanted to make Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock’s work known to a larger public. This half-british, half-belgian singer, nicknamed the "PJ Harvey from Anderlecht", is a member of Keiki. And Keiki is the project which fits best within the concept of cheap demonology since Keiki claims to play satanic pop. Cheap Satanism Records is ready to sacrifice a few billy goats and make a few deals with the devil in order to get this much underrated band to gain access to a wider audience.

One signature lead to another and Canadian band Trike joined Cheap Satanism Records. The duo claims to play new wave mixed with dutch pop. To us Trike’s music sounds like up-tempo and theatrical synth-pop, with surreal touches. It is poetical, urban and sometimes provocative. Ok, there is nothing devilish about this, but like Cheap Satanism Records, they love the spirit of b- or z-cinema. Hence the adjective cheap.

Since it is as megalomaniac as a demon from a Thirties b-movie, the label won’t limit itself to managing the careers of a few friends. Cheap Satanism Records is more than just a record label. It is also a brand name which includes the organisation of shows, special events, a magazine, festivals and exhibitions. In short, many things will happen under this banner – 666 projects at least!