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ZomBIFFF Night #4

  • Café Central Rue Borgval, 14 Brussels, 1000 Belgium (map)

Cheap Satanism Records s'associe à nouveau avec le Café Central pour inviter les apprentis zombies à se démembrer en musique l'occasion de la quatrième ZomBIFFF Night. Au programme, un showcase du duo Bruxellois In Heaven qui présentera son premier album. On rassure déjà les morts-vivants: le groupe n'a de paradisiaque que le nom. C'est dans une ambiance crépusculaire qu'In Heaven vous plongera. Imaginez Nick Cave flirtant avec Beth Gibbons sur fond des bandes originales d'Angelo Badalamenti. Ensuite, les Lillois des bien nommés Cercueil, les malicieux Parisiens de Hypo & EDH et de La Trayeuse Electrique se chargeront de décapiter ceux qui le souhaite à coup de disques bien envoyés. Le tout aura lieu au Café Central à partir de 21h pour la modique somme de 0 euro.

In Heaven (be)

in heaven was formed around the dueling talents of Monsieur Whiteman and Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock (Keiki, Baby Fire...) and it captures the chill of stormy weather, interspersed with rare sunny spells. 
Imagine Nick Cave snogging Beth Gibbons to an Angelo Badalamenti soundtrack. 
If you can.

DJ: Cercueil (fr)

Ghost opera, still life poetry and black divas's rage who break the crystal, Cerceuil sounds like opioid sensuality, electro sewn with gold thread, noisy new-wave and icy core.

Created in 2005 by Nicolas Devos and Penelope Michel, Cercueil is a french trio from Lille which has released its second album Erostrate in 2011.

Cercueil's members have worked on several side projects in contemporary arts including audio and visual installations, composing soundscapes and soundtracks to movies, performances, animation movies and general electronic experimentation and interpretation... Some of those works can be found under the name of Puce Moment.

DJ: Hypo & EDH (fr)

EDH and Hypo are two french musicians who have both prolific solo careers since the beginning of the 2000's.

Hypo & EDH are also a band, a duo, more precisely a two-headed monster that steadily appears on stage as well as in the studio to produce a unique, challenging music, which is pop and experimental at the same time, swinging and melancholic, electronic and organic.

The duo's second album Xin has been released on Lentonia Records and Cheap Satanism Records.

DJ: La Trayeuse Electrique (fr)

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Puce Moment (fr)
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