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20 Years of Magasin 4 | 5 Years of Cheap Satanism

  • Magasin 4 Avenue du port, 51B Brussels, 1000 Belgium (map)

Magasin 4 is one the venue we like to work with. We've organized plenty of events there and have brought to you bands like Part Chimp, Chelsea Wolfe, Zombie Zombie, Enablers, Necro Deathmort, Joe Lally, Big Sexy Noise and so on... Magasin 4 is celebrating its 20th birthday this year and they have asked us to support one of their birthday parties. So we've decided to take the opportunity to celebrate our 5th birthday a little bit in advance. Yes we'll be 5 years old in October. We're close to the end of our life as we plan to kill the label after 6 years 6 months and 6 days of existence.

So here's the menu:

Peter Kernel (ch)

Peter Kernel is a Swiss Canadian art-punk band formed by Aris Bassetti (guitar, voice, graphic designer) and Barbara Lehnhoff (bass, voice, filmmaker). Inspired by a love story, they play music anyone can play in an attempt to’ satisfy man’s basic human instinct: a beat, something loud and a few words. Primary rock.

Marvin (fr)

Trio born in 2003 in Montpellier, Marvin plays a powerful and almost instrumental rock, inspired by kraütrock, noise, hardrock, to the "rock side" of electronic music.
Since the release of their first LP self-produced in April 2007, the band gave more than 500 concerts in France and around Europe coming across DEVO, Trans am, A place to bury strangers, Black Mountain...

Le Singe Blanc (fr)

A drum that beats, heats and sizzles. Two bass guitars, ... storming bass guitars ! Ponctuated by splutters, gurgles and pure, unadulterated babble.
The occasional musical mine planted here and there and great clouds of laughing gas.
A saturday night with an endless supply of kung fu films and popcorn. Psychedelic wanderings and that elusive something that gets inside your head.

Sixties pop tripping out and waking up with an industrial hangover. They themselves call it regressive rock. They are the three wild beasts that are Le Singe Blanc.

Joy As A Toy (be)

If you miss Stereolab and Mr. Bungle—and I think we all do—then you owe it to yourself to give a listen to “Disco Dog”, from Belgian threesome Joy as a Toy. The specters of those progressive pop geniuses loom over all three-and-a-half glorious minutes, from the angular start-stop rhythms, to the brassy freak-outs in the middle, to the vibraphones throughout which sound straight off Stereolab’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup.

Mambo (be)

Bouncy quartet from belgium made up of members of Casse Brique, Volt Voice or Frank Shinobi, Mambo combines sonic energy with time-signature-laden mathematical rhythms. As you will hear, their influences dip into The Redneck Manifesto and Honey for Petzi keeping nonetheless a highly identifiable trademark. Currently working on new tunes, Mambo has just released a 10-track instrumental album, “Bertier”, available both as a download or LP. Give it a spin urgently, it might well be the new sensation out of HH-stamped productions this year!

DJ: Cha!Sekeletor

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