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Camilla Sparksss (ch) + Solar Skeletons (be/fr)

  • Barlok Avenue du Port, 53 brussels, 1000 Belgium (map)


Camilla Sparksss is the fantasy ego of Barbara Lehnhoff from Swiss Canadian art punk band Peter Kernel. She loves rap, drum machines, tutorials, thermal baths and traveling. Barbara Lehnhoff grew up amongst indian reserves on the Great Lakes of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

She was born at -27 C° on the 17th of December 1983. At the time radios were playing Michael Jackson, The Police, Bonnie Tyler, Culture Club and “Sweet dreams” by Eurythmics. Music that went straight through the umbilical cord. Hot on the inside and cold on the outside.

She built piece by piece an Austin Healey, she grew up with a small brown bear, she moved by boat or floatplane. Then she moved to Switzerland. She studied economy and graphic design, ending up filmmaker.

This is Barbara Lehnhoff, this is Camilla Sparksss.


The archangels of the sun, masters on earth, are here to guide humanity to her final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun. Phallus suprematicus!

To achieve their mission they've chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message. Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie and much more

Taken from the album Scavengers Ov Beliefs