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6 Years of Cheap Satanism: Faergolzia (us) + Joy As A Toy (be)

  • Café Central Rue Borgval, 14 Brussels, 1000 Belgium (map)

6 Years Of Cheap Satanism Records

Faergolzia (us)

Seth Feargolzia, mastermind behind multiple exploratory musical projects including, Dufus, 23 Psaegz, Hecky Yup, Forest Creature, will embark from Rochester, New York on yet another European tour this Autumn with the latest troupe, Faergolzia.

Seth is well known for subtly harmonic, experimental lyricism, dynamic structures, and whip-crack-acrobatic vocals. Celebrated as a vibrant example of what happens when a musician turns a genre like folk upside down and inside out, over time Faergolzia has come to represent something of a genre unto himself oft times nowhere near the folk aesthetic.

With a body of work that exceeds 20 albums and appearances in over 20 countries with the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, Moldy Peaches... Faergolzia is poised to put a spring in the step of his global following with his latest project, "#100 songs" wherein he has, in a short span of months, written 100 songs, and is currently releasing one fully produced song per week through his subscription site,

The band:

- Seth plays acoustic guitar and loop station. 
- From California, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, John Ludington from Absynth Quintet, a critically acclaimed gypsy-grass band, “…the lovechild of Beck and Frank Zappa…” Seth and John toured Europe in 2013 with their collaborative project, Forest Creature. 
- Shaun Jones from Heck Yup, will be gently shredding electric guitar. 
- Laura Lee Jones wearing an old washboard will tinker with auxiliary percussion & provide voice and flute melodies. 
- Beat professor, drummer extraordinaire, Dominic Marini is on his maiden voyage with Faergolzia. 

The freak-folk group will be performing a full and varied cross-section of the peerless oddball music that has delighted and baffled audiences, collaborators, and critics alike for over a decade. Faergolzia will continue to shake musical conventions, making moments honest and organic in their exploration of possibility.

Extract from Another Christmas Album from Valley Of Love

Joy As A Toy (be)

Gil Mortio, Clement Nourry and Jean-Philippe De Gheest formed Joy As A Toy to satisfy their love of fun and games. The band’s main ambition is to get the audience to dance to their raw and largely improvised rock music which is based on powerful riffs and radical atmosphere changes. The trio is capable of suddenly switching from a simple melody to sonic madness that verges on trippy, psychedelic music.

As a result, they will wear the audience out and leave it feeling empty. But the band might not get everyone to dance. They are very much aware of this paradox. They may rule the dancefloor just as well as they may suck the energy out of the listener. They have even made this Joy As A Toy’s registrered trademark since they claim to play “tennis pop” and “vampire rock”.

Extract from Valparaiso