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Viruuunga (ch) + Lewinski (be)

  • Café Central 14 Borgval Brussel, Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, 1000 Belgium (map)

Viruuunga (ch)

Swiss psych duo formed in 2014. Bass, guitar, voice and drum machine. Repetitive, tight rhythms and a heavy bass grooves are stained by noisy guitars, shouts and mourns.

They sometimes experiment with american drummer Harry Druzd (Endless Boogie) ‘cause he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t wreck the groove, just like Olga the drum machine.
In 2015 the band toured in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, sharing the stage with Peter Kernel, Forks and other international acts.

On april 2016 a New York residency let them share the stage with Talibam!, Honey and Endless Boogie while taking inspiration from the creative attitude of the city's musical scene.

Spank, the first EP presenting 5 original songs, has been published by On The Camper Records (Peter Kernel, Francesca Lago...)

Lewinski (be)

You slam the door of your bedroom and fling yourself down on the bed. Kicking off your Converse one-stars and pulling your plaid shirt over your head, you look up at the posters on your wall. Amongst Pixies, Sonic Youth, Archers of Loaf and McLusky, one band stands out – a power three-piece from Belgium, France and the UK, whose unrelenting spiky tunes form the soundtrack to your angst. “Only Lewinski understand me”, you sob, pulling out their latest mixtape and turning the dial up to 10, so everyone in the house is deafened by your strangled rage. 

Meeting randomly in Brussels, the three drew on a healthy pedigree past of guitar noise bands, ranging from bassist Ruth’s punk rock shows in Afghanistan (Echobelly, White City) to guitarist Fred’s (The Poontang’s Explosion). Finding a mutual longing for the days of small labels and hand-drawn fanzines, the three came together in 2015 to write songs to form the soundtrack to your bedroom angst.

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