Clément Nourry

He studied French horn and mathematics before finding his true path: composing music and playing guitar like a wild beast.

He spent many years in obscure basements, improvising with the free jazz band We love you , before devoting himself to more composed and produced music with the power pop band JOY AS A TOY that he founded with GIL MORTIO & JEAN-PHILIPPE DE GHEEST.

After three LPs, he is leaving his fellow bandmates, going back to more personal works.

He now composes and tours mainly with his solo works and Under the Reefs Orchestra.

Passionate about dance and choreography, he also collaborates as a composer and performer with the dancer ANNE-LAURE LAMARQUE within the company Butô-pop Experience.

​He is also one of NICOLAS MICHAUX's notorious SOLDIERS OF LOVE and a founding member of YÔKAÏ.

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Past Events with Clément Nourry

  • 26/03/2014 > Zëro + Clément Nourry @ Café Central

    ZËRO (fr)

    Obviously, Zëro’s music has more to do with creativity than with staying in the beaten path of rock with a specific identity. It's as much Jack Berrocal and Gene Vincent playing a Drag Queen blues under ecstasy, as it is the krautrock by Can and Kraftwerk in Luna Park, an entertaining song which provokes an addictive cerebral experience.

    You can also hear some Cramps in a devastating Sick to the bones, Battles during an improbable Viandox and a bunch of other freaks, who, all off the beaten path have constantly re-written the language of rock with intelligence and singularity.

    Each title escapes from the previous one, unclassifiable, escaping from the routine, leaving the listener with a smile and a chuckle. The music is like the smirk of an illusionist about to open his magic box. Pleasure and surprise are always present.

    The fourth ablum from Zëro, Places where we go in dreams will be released in March on Ici d'ailleurs.


    "…my solo project , it’s at the same time an experimental laboratory, an old attic filled with memories and a boxing ring. This is the place where all my musical influences can melt in one unique stream. Depeche Mode, John Fahey, Gesualdo, the Ex, all of those things through a single guy playing guitar… "

    Three years have passed since Clement Nourry began to play his solo, in Belgium, Germany and France, enjoying wild improvisations, exploring his own way of composing, keeping all along in his mind the word "song"
    Doing this,he developed a living and original way of playing guitar.

    Nobody can say how will sound his next performances….

    He recorded his first solo Album Sobre in 2007, trying since then to build the packing with his own hands, spending hours sticking cardboard.


    Blind Thorns is a new project featuring Ahleuchatistas' Shane Perlowin (USA) on guitar and Ryan Oslance (USA) on drums with Antoine Läng (CH) on vocals.

    Blind Thorns plays haunting improvised noise-rock music based on pre-defined structures.

    Blind Thorns' debut album will be released in April on Cheap Satanism Records / Tandori Records / New Atlantis Records