Germanotta Youth

GERMANOTTA YOUTH is a band run by REEKS (electronics), ANDREA BASILI (terror drums) and MASSIMO PUPILLO (bass) based on a blasphemous mix of grindcore, field recordings, technorave and sludge. The name belongs to the new mass santified LADY GAGA born STEFANI JOANNE ANGELINA GERMANOTTA and the sound kills that mass in a way that seems natural.


Past Events with Germanotta Youth

  • 24/10/2013 > 4 Years Birthday Party #2 @ Café Central


    In the 80's Madonna (born Louise Veronica Ciccone) took over the world, and Ciccone Youth was born. Now it's the 10's and it's Lady Gaga's (born Joanne Angelina Germanotta) world hence Germanotta Youth is here!!!

    KEIKI (be)

    Keiki is a satanic pop duo from Brussels (Belgium). Our music will make you dance or cry. Don't blame us, we simply are evil.

    DJ: ANTZ UP GIRLS (be)