Jesus Is My Son / Solah

Jesus Is My Son is the contemplative solo project by the experimental guitarist GRÉGORY DUBY.

He is active in the field of noisy and improvised music, living and composing in Brussels, Belgium. During 10 years, he played in the noise rock trio K-BRANDING. Thereafter he formed the experimental band ZOHO (with AYMERIC DE TAPOL, ARNAUD PAQUOTTE and BENJAMIN CHAVAL). He has played with experimental musicians such as OLIVIER TOULEMONDE and BEN BERTRAND. In Jesus Is My Son, he emphasizes with his electric guitar the silence within melodies. Beside his activities as a musician, he owns the label FF HHH and manages with two friends MANDAÏ DISTRIBUTION, an international independent distributor of alternative music.

Jesus Is My Son contains elements of minimalism, folk music and contemporary music, as well as compositions based on ambient, oriental and medieval music. Aspiring to create melancholic and naked music, Grégory Duby's influences range from ERIK SATIE to DEREK BAILEY via POPOL VUH and LOREN CONNORS. Jesus Is My Son invites the audience to listen contemplatively to the electric guitar.

Since 2020, SOLAH is the new name given to Grégory Duby's solo project. SOLAH is the acronym of "Songs of Love and Heat" which pays indirect tribute to the album "Songs of Love and Hate" by LEONARD COHEN. It is also the title of a previous Jesus Is My Son album released in 2016 on INI.ITU.


Past Events with Jesus Is My Son / Solah