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(r) aka R IN PARENTHESES is FABRIZIO MODONESE PALUMBO’s own music project, a mighty cocktail of introspective-ambient-noise and lyrical song-writing.

Fabrizio has extensively performed in EU and USA including sold out theatres, sordid bars, big festivals, art galleries, empty spaces and worked with tons of artists including ongoing collaborations with BEN CHASNY of SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE, XIU XIU, LITTLE ANNIE, JOCHEN ARBEIT...

Fabrizio is a member of the electro-acoustic project BLIND CAVE SALAMANDER along with PAUL BEAUCHAMP and cellist JULIA KENT and of ALMAGEST! with singer/actor ERNESTO TOMASINI and fellow musicians EVOR AMEISIE and Paul Beauchamp, he also is one of the founding member of the experimental cult band LARSEN.


Past Events with ( r )

  • 28/05/2014 > ( r ) + Chris Brokaw @ Café Central

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    ( r ) is FABRIZIO PALUMBO's own project of introspective-ambient-noise and lyrical song-writing.

    Fabrizio is a member of the electro-acoustic project BLIND CAVE SALAMENDER along with Paul Beauchamp and cellist Julia Kent and of ALMAGEST with singer/actor Ernesto Tomasini and fellow musicians Evor Ameisie and Paul Beauchamp, he also is one of the founding member of the experimental cult band LARSEN.

    ( r )'s 5th album “All About Satan” recorded by Paul Beauchamp at O.F.F. Studio - Torino and mixed by XIU XIU's Jamie Stewart will be released on June 2014 by Brussels based label CHEAP SATANISM RECORDS and it has been preceded by the digital single and related video “The House of the Rising Sun” as well as by a live solo album of "imploded" versions of songs from past and future ( r )'s albums.


    CHRIS BROKAW is a singer/songwriter, film composer, accompanist, and rock band member living in Seattle, Washington. He has been making records and touring internationally for 20+ years, beginning with his bands CODEINE and COME, who made landmark records for Sub Pop and Matador in the 1990's. Since 2002 he has made dozens of recordings: solo albums of instrumental and vocal music,and with his bands THE NEW YEAR, DIRTMUSIC, THE LEMONHEADS, THE MARTHA'S VINEYARD FERRIES, and WREKMEISTER HARMONIES. He has recorded and performed live as an accompanist to THURSTON MOORE, RHYS CHATHAM, EVAN DANDO, CHRISTINA ROSENVINGE, JENNIFER O'CONNOR, STEVE WYNN, GG ALLIN and JOHNNY DEPP. He has composed for the Dagdha Dance Company (Frankfurt/Limerick) and Kino Dance (Boston); and scored five films, 2 of which ("Now, Forager" and "Taken By Storm") screened in 2013 to packed houses at MOMA in New York City. His score for "ROAD" won the award for Best Original Score at the Brooklyn International Film Festival in 2005. He played as one of 77 drummers in the Boredoms' "77 Boadrum" in Brooklyn; as one of 200 guitarists in Rhys Chatham's "A Crimson Wave" at Lincoln Center, NYC; and The Festival in The Desert in Essakane, Mali in 2008 with his band DIRTMUSIC. He has duos with Geoff Farina (ex-Karate) playing pre WWII country blues, and with Stephen O'Malley (Sunn o)))), playing improvised abstract music.

    His new album, the soundtrack to "Now, Forager",will be released April 15 on Dais Records (www.daisrecords.com). Also coming in late April/early May will be a one-sided LP on American Tapes (label of John Olson - Wolf Eyes,etc): a collaboration with RYLEY WALKER. In September 12XU will release a new double album of live solo instrumental recordings.