Muse of Chaos (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal)
Queer because she doesn't admit gender identity
Pagan because she's against all religions
Doom because her music is slow, physical and piercing
Avant because her sound is not current
Metal because it's inside her

?Alos is this and much more: music, performance, dance, political activism, social critic, history, feminism, anarchy.

?Alos is the shape of chaos.

?Alos is the solo projet of Stefania Pedretti. She's active since1998. She is a member of OVO and of the cult female band ALLUN. She has played in more than one thousand concerts and she has released four albums as ?Alos.

She started ?Alos in 2003. She melts these discipline music and performance to create shows in which live music is a basic element.

Her work surpasses the boundary between performing arts, integrating experimental music, performance, improvisation and video art and makes the audience participate actively in the show through the stimulation of the six senses.

The feminine figure is the basis of each performative action and its role both in history and in the contemporary society is critically investigated.

In 2015 and 2016 she collaborated with the director Markus Öhrn in the Azdora project.

From 2017 she start to collaborate with Santarcangelo Festival as a music curator.

She has played in the whole of Italy and Europe, in the United States, Canada, Russia, China, Vietnam, Mexico and Israel.


Past Events with ?Alos

  • 18/12/2018 > ?Alos @ Café Central

    ?ALOS (it)

    With her new album, The Chaos Awakening, ?Alos continues her research into the mystical,magical, shamanistic and pagan side of music and vocals.

    Following the elements Earth and Water, her attention now turns to Air and Fire.A single track lasting 20 minutes, a live recording which aims to capture a ritual in order to reawaken the chaos that surrounds us and which is deep inside us all.

    ?Alos fuses the ancient and the contemporary, using above all her voice, melding it together with ethnic instruments from Vietnam as well as handmade instruments such as modular synthesizers and "The Chaos Scepter"; a two cord wooden instrument built specifically for her by Nude Guitars.


    Her thing is girls: Riot grrls, edgy girls who are no letting others walk all over them. Her idol is Jo Squillo, the Italian Nina Hagen. When she's in a romantic mood she also plays "trashy tunes" and 80's gems! Rock'n'Roll baby.

  • 14/09/2012 > Evangelista + ?Alos + Keiki @ Les Ateliers Claus


    ?ALOS (it)

    KEIKI (be)