VI!VI!VI have been founded in Lille in 2011. They label themselves as "Dead Avant-Garde" or "Regressive Rock ". "Krautrock", "Noise" and "Experimental" can also be used if you are looking for more common genre names.

They started as a trio consisting of MAXIME MANAC'H (also member of FAUST's latest line-up), Sylvain Delanoé (current collaborator of PUNISH YOURSELF) and Guillaume Dubreu (ex-LA SOCIÉTÉ DES TIMIDES À LA PARADE DES OISEAUX and CHAUSSE-TRAPPE).

After a first LP released in 2014 on Tandori Records (which has also co-released VITAS GUERULAÏTIS, BLIND THORNS, FUZZ ORCHESTRA, CONVULSIF or ENOB with us), the band evolved as a quintet with the hiring of CIRO MARTIN, a drummer coming from the jazz scene, and XAVIER POITTEVIN, a bass player also active in OUI MAIS NON.

The band play an experimental rock descending into a noisy maelstrom made of various sonic layers that match the members' moods and feelings. VI!VI!VI! create an orchestral and spatial sound. They like to use unusual instruments, such as hurdy-gurdy, santur, jackhammer, grinders and miscellaneous industrial tools. The music develops into textures and kaleidoscopic frequencies. This (de)construction is rich of abrupt melodies with volatile properties. The listener walks through a coherent labyrinth between psychedelic rock, concrete and industrial music.