Le Tigre est en toi*

The long awaited Vitas Guerulaïtis' new album is finally out

After a debut album whose hidden title tested all but the most playful listeners, the band returns with Le Tigre (The Tiger). It is the title - not hidden this time - of their new album recorded by Etienne Foyer (Dragibus, The Ex, Deerhoof, Anthony Pateras, etc.)  at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. It is available on CD and in digital version from Cheap Satanism Records and on vinyl record by a bunch of friend labels: Cheap Satanism Records, Aredje, Attila Tralala, Tandori Records...

Last but not least Vitas Guerulaïtis will celebrate this release at Barlok on Friday June 26th. They will share the stage with some of their good friends : Zoft and Oui Mais Non. You can find more information on Facebook

(*) "Le Tigre est en toi" was the Tony- Kellogg's Frosted Flakes -The Tiger's slogan in french.