Le Tigre est en toi*

The long awaited Vitas Guerulaïtis' new album is finally out

After a debut album whose hidden title tested all but the most playful listeners, the band returns with Le Tigre (The Tiger). It is the title - not hidden this time - of their new album recorded by Etienne Foyer (Dragibus, The Ex, Deerhoof, Anthony Pateras, etc.)  at Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels. It is available on CD and in digital version from Cheap Satanism Records and on vinyl record by a bunch of friend labels: Cheap Satanism Records, Aredje, Attila Tralala, Tandori Records...

Last but not least Vitas Guerulaïtis will celebrate this release at Barlok on Friday June 26th. They will share the stage with some of their good friends : Zoft and Oui Mais Non. You can find more information on Facebook

(*) "Le Tigre est en toi" was the Tony- Kellogg's Frosted Flakes -The Tiger's slogan in french. 

All About Satan was in our ass*

We made it! We are 5 years old !

5 years ago we released Keiki's second album with a beautiful ass on the cover. iTunes even refused to publish the cover as it because of that! To celebrate this anniversary, you'll be able order this album for 5 euros from now !

But that's not the main news.

We've been struggling for months to release three new albums.  We got many issues whose reasons were way beyond our control, one of them being huge pressing plant delays. At the root of this was this stupid marketing fair that has now become the Record Store Day. We won't go into details regarding the problems with RSD in this post. If you are curious, you can read these excellent articles on the subject:

Consequently we had to postpone these releases several times in a row. So much that we even stopped to try announcing release dates!

The funny thing is that all this shit happened to us while we were trying to manufacture our first truly satanic release : All About Satan from (r).  Luckily we aren't superstitious. We didn't have decoded this as a sign meaning that it was really bad to run a label called Cheap Satanism Records.

Anyway the story behind All About Satan is too nice not to produce it. Two years ago the excellent Italian band Larsen played at Café Central to present its album with Little Annie. The band stayed at our place after the gig and Fabrizio Palumbo, one of the Larsen's founding member, noticed the name of our label. He then told us that he was planning to record a concept album around Satan and that it would make sense for us to release it.  About one year later, Fabrizio sent us the recording. Honestly we had totally forgotten his proposal when we received his mail.  We nevertheless listened to it, enjoyed and painfully press it as a beautiful pink vinyl!

We don't have a similar story to tell about the Blind Thorns' debut album and Agatha's second album as a duo but we are really glad to be one of their co-producers. When we received the Blind Thorns' demo, it was a blast from our first listen. So we couldn't refuse to be part of this adventure. Concerning Agatha, we aleady are big fans of Goatness, its previous effort. It was thus a pleasure for us to be able to put our logo on the new LP of the band.   

These three incredible albums are now available of order.

Keiki - 10 Pieces (5th anniversary)

Keiki has already released several records: 3 albums and one EP. Only one of these wasn't put out by Cheap Satanism Records: the debut album 10 Pieces.  It has now almost sold out. To celebrate the record's 5th anniversary, it made sense to us to make it available to a wider audience through a digital release.