Chelsea Wolfe back in Brussels!

We've partnership with Buzz On Your Lips to bring you back Chelsea Wolfe in Brussels! The event will take place at BRASS on august 13th - exactly 2 years and 4 months after her first show at Magasin 4! Presales are available on Buzz On Your Lips website.

Last but not least ( r ) from Italy will open.  

( r ) is Fabrizio Palumbo's solo project, a mighty cocktail of introspective-ambient-noise and lyrical song-writing.

Fabrizio is a member of the electro-acoustic project Blind Cave Salamander along with Paul Beauchamp and cellist Julia Kent and of Almagest! with singer/actor Ernesto Tomasini and fellow musicians Evor Ameise and Paul Beauchamp, he also is one of the founding member of the experimental cult band Larsen.

( r )'s 5th album All About Satan, mostly cowritten and performed by Daniele "Lo Dev Alm" Pagliero, recorded by Paul Beauchamp and mixed by Xiu Xiu's Jamie Stewart will be released on June 2014 by Cheap Satanism records.