20 Years of Magasin 4 | 5 Years Of Cheap Satanism Records

In case you didn't know yet Magasin 4 is simply the best alternative venue in Brussels (Belgium).  Well actually it's the only one. The others have either closed their doors or become really elitist, crappy, mainstream or stupid (delete where not applicable) . 

Of course there's Café Central too but it's not really a venue. It's the coolest bar in Brussels before being a venue !

Magasin 4 is also the only place which allows structure like Cheap Satanism Records to exist.   Without it we would have never been able to organize all these events that had let us gain some exposure. There are even people who think we are an important label!

Long story short: Magasin 4 celebrates its 20th birthday this year. The folks behind it have decided to set up plenty of gigs. There will be o.a.  some bands of our catalogue (Germanotta Youth, Vitas Guerulaitis, Baby Fire, Joy As a Toy), bands we've already booked in the past (Part Chimp (yes they're back!), Peter Kernel, Jesus Is My Son, Mongolito)  and bands we are fond of (Marvin, Naplam Death, Zu, Shit and Shine, Child Abuse, Hammerhead, Vandal X, Ripit, Nah...) Take a look at their website to browse the full line-up.

Last but not least they have asked us to support one of their birthday parties. So we've decided to take the opportunity to celebrate our 5th birthday a little bit in advance on September 5th. Yes we'll be 5 years old in October!

The party will take play on September 5th and will bring you the most terrific line-up we've ever been associated ! See for yourself : Peter Kernel, Marvin, Joy As A toy, Le Singe Blanc, Mambo and our faithful Cha!Selektor (Lem, Lady Fucked Up, ex-Baby Fire)IT'S GONNA BE GREAT!