Guili Guili Goulag

Guili Guili Goulag is some strings that hit, hypnotic rhythm and a voice coming out from the floor. It tickles you as much as it makes you hysterical. It is like listening though rusty pipes to the psychedelic incantations of the members of an ancient tribe, trapped between different times and seeking to communicate with each other. A Voodoo Mass, a strange cult where a fetish with an unlikely language will be incarnated by the sick complicity of a drum, bass guitar and a celtic harp. Thus, our legs and arms begin to dance around them. The ego crumbles, leaving a credulous animal horde which is henchman of futur sordid rituals. Debauchery and sweat guaranteed!"
Adam Whisper (Guilis' rites, London, 1840)


Past Events with Guili Guili Goulag

  • 03/12/2014 > Guili Guili Goulag (be/fr) + Will Z. (be) @ Café Central


    Guili Guili Goulag is a weird XP rock band influenced by African music, kraut rock, doom, punk… and a lot of other things. It consists in a harp, a bass, a drummer and a singer. The musicians were or are involved in various underground projects such as Duflan Duflan, Spoilature, Arts et Techniques

    WILL Z.

    Will Z is one of the heads of Cosmic Trip Machine, one-man band and producer of Book of AM 'cult' project, inspired by a mixture of dark occult rock and positive acid-folk.

    In 2011, Will Z. was totally immersed in The Book of AM he coproduced with Juan Arkotxa and Leslie MacKenzie. He discovered it was the kind of music he wanted to play, but felt it would be a solo adventure. After the release of a totally improvised meditation opus called Shambhala album in almost 10 days, his new idea was to create the "negative" version of this first solo album.

    He worked at NoHype Studio on an album called 12 Visions, inspired by the island of Mallorca, The twelve philosophical keys, a book by Basil Valentine (allegedly an alchemist monk), illustrated by Michel Maïer and J-K Huysmans novel, Là-bas, using the Brian Wilson Smile method: to record different parts as individual songs and to make a montage to obtain a final track. The highlight of this "evil" period was Hermetic Spell, a black musical mass exploring unknown and terrifying landscapes, recorded with his band, Cosmic Trip Machine, and Alice Artaud, by night, only with candles lights and all dressed in capes. 12 Visions, divided in two parts, a white side and a black side, was out in December 2013 at Anazitisi Records/69 Watt and featuring Juan Arkotxa from Book of AM on flute.

    After his work on The Book of Intxixu, sequel of Book of AM with Leslie MacKenzie, Juan Arkotxa, Carmeta Mansilla plus Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth from Gong, Will Z. recorded his third project, a collection of dark electric numbers, originally composed for the final part of 12 Visions; positive folk songs based on prehistoric legends of Menorca island and tracks composed during Will Z. teenage musical years. The result of all these sessions was two albums : Jellyfish Island - mainly folk, produced by oG and unreleased - and Dark Tales of Will Z. - mainly rock and out in September 2014 at HeadSpin Records.