Blind Thorns

BLIND THORNS is a trio of experimental improvised music influenced by no-wave, kraut/psychedelic, noise, electroacoustic and ethnic folklore to produce a primal and intense music that invokes deep sentiments and global activation. The band formed in the fall of 2011, as a guitar and vocals duo. Guitarist SHANE PARISH and vocalist ANTOINE LÄNG, from Geneva, Switzerland, booked a seven-date tour together in Switzerland, without having previously met in the flesh. Their musical and personal chemistry was a match, and their tour marked the start of a trans-Atlantic collaboration that has blossomed ever since. At the end of their first duo tour, Parish and Läng holed up in a studio in an underground bunker in the Gruyère countryside, and recorded the guitar and vocals for what would eventually become the Blind Thorns' debut album.

Months later Parish would invite longtime collaborator and AHLEUCHATISTAS drummer, RYAN OSLANCE, to record drums on the album. The finishing touch was bringing in the works of visual artist Sarah Cavalieri to create a complete aesthetic experience to suit the record - a universe of nightmare, hallucination, conjuring, color, and magic.


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