Pneumatic Head Compressor

Founded in 1994 by the MASSON brothers, CHRISTOPHE & RÉGIS, Pneumatic Head Compressor has an intense composition process resulting from a long maturation process (the group finds it funny to call it a putrefaction process). Lest we forget, the fraternal duo has been involved in Magasin 4 for a long time. As one of the last fortresses of alternative music in Brussels, it is fair to say they had a lot on their plate.

Pneumatic Head Compressor cherish: oppressive, tortuous grooves, raging lyrics and... well... ape-like vocalizations put into a shaker with industrial, metal, hardcore, doom, electronic and experimental sounds.


Past Events with Pneumatic Head Compressor

  • 29/10/2015 > Pneumatic Head Compressor + Onmens @ Café Central

    Last year Magasin 4 invites us to celebrate our 5th birthday while they were busy to honour their 20 years in existence. This year we are going to return the favour for their 21st birthday and our 6 years...


    The band was created in Brussels in 1994 by two French brothers, respectively guitarist and bass guitarist.

    They were soon joined by Belgian musicians. After many line-up changes and numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad, Pneumatic Head Compressor has stabilized.

    Guitar, bass guitar, singing and machines form a music group of 2 persons having achieved a certain maturity and personality by mixing sounds and arrangements that stray off the beaten track.

    With unstructured, heavy, tortured music and a confusion of original tones, strange noises, shouts and atypical singings, P.H.C. surprises by the originality and diversity of its repertoire.

    The influences of the band are in between industrial, electronical, metal, rock and noise music.

    ONMENS (be)

    Onmens seeks to strip its music down to the effective and direct. The Ghent based duo combines an electronic nocturnal pulse with abrasive guitars and vocals to create a distinct style. These boys deliver dark, punishing, power electronics derived from the seeds of the legendary Belgian underground sound. Based on electronic body music and xtc-craving punks.