• 09/04/2015 > dDash (fr) + Törst Obborun (be) @ Café Central

    dDash (fr)

    dDash (known as ex-pseudo Boulder dDash) is the solo project of Jean-Baptiste Hanak who is also known as one half of infamous parisian duo dDamage and for his collaboration with Cobra.

    His second solo album Hyperactive Jerk has been released on parisian based label Tsunami-Addiction.

    “Hyperactive Jerk loads into our ear a bright soundtrack that allows us to attack in a vanishing point the new century, thanks to soul Frenchy dark alien folk trash dDASH. Exit digital EBM & IDM series, let’s make place to the folk-trap of Jean-Baptiste Hanak, a new management of his universe filled with retro melodies and special tones of almost human voices. This exclusive delivery brings up to mind Johnny Cash under helium or Jazmine Sullivan who would have taken too much medicinal herbs. This elegant and pressed punk rocker gives beautiful second burst, after brilliant Alien Folk Trash (out in 2003 on the Austrian legendary label Angelika Kohlermann / Mego). Slow and stately, impetuous and nervous, his atmospheric rock gives way to his falsetto, and brings back truly folky magnitude. A lot of improvisations put on wax and tracks that appear to be magnetic impulses with slight computer science samples, accompanied by electronic guitars and a full moon tonality. gives a perfectly educated deviant rock ( son of first Pixies era, cousin of the Kurt Cobain acoustic field and stepbro of the Gary Wilson from the 90’s... ) dDASH unfolds like a mystical ceremony, eyes closed and head nodding in a remote flayed trance, staying away from the star mainstream rainbow, but close to the heart of funky contemporary music.”


    Diagnosed with visceral eagerness for the lack of certitude and research of fragile and uncertain balance, i had no choice but momentary escaping from Industroïka to deeply inhale the fresh breeze of the unknown, having less control on the music, enjoying last minute featurings wherever and whenever possible, being surprised and carried away.

    The setup, sounding objects, collaborations, are not, and won't be steady frozen. Just get in touch, project videos, spit words, make your instrument feedback, hit stuffs, dance, paint.

    I'll be there, catch you the next wave.

    DJ: NCY BICHE (be)


  • 11/04/2015 > ZomBIFFF Night #5 @ Café Central

    Once again, Cheap Satanism Records and Café Central join forces for a rhythmic limb swinging ritual at the 5th ZomBIFFF Night. This year the party kicks off under an occult sign with the presentation of the latest albums by ?Alos and Solar Skeletons. ?Alos is the brainchild of Italian performance artist Stefania Pedretti, who has no equal in bringing her audience into a diabolic and machiavellian trance. The duo Solar Skeletons are true apprentice-sorcerers, whose spells consists of audio-explosions that are going to knock you out. If there are still some undead alive after all that, Agent Palmer, dDash en Tzii will deliver the final blow with some diabolic spins to the turntables.

    ?ALOS (it)

    Muse of Chaos (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal) .
    Queer because she doesn't admit gender identity.
    Pagan because she's against all religions.
    Doom because her music is slow, physical and piercing.
    Avant because her sound is not current Metal because it's inside her
    ?Alos is this and much more: music, performance, dance, political activism, social critic, history, feminism, anarchy.
    ?Alos is the shape of chaos.


    The archangels of the sun, masters on earth, are here to guide humanity to her final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun. Phallus suprematicus!

    To achieve their mission they've chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message. Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie and much more

    DJ: dDash (fr)

    dDASH (known as ex-pseudo Boulder dDash) is the dark alien folk trash solo project of Jean-Baptiste Hanak who is also known as one half of infamous parisian duo dDamage and for his work with Cobra.


    DJ: TZII (fr)


  • 11/05/2015 > Jesus Is My Son – Sacrifice Odieux (Revisited)

    Format: MC
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/028

  • 19/05/2015 > Antoine Läng + Cobra Jaune + Refurinn Kitsune @ Café Central


    Antoine Läng’s (vocals+electronics) taste for hybridization and experimentation leads him to use electronic devices as a means of voice processing to extend its range. Initiated in rock, metal or jazz bands, this process is ongoing and increasingly directed toward experimental and improvised music, in regular projects (Blind Thorns, dQtç, Léon trio, Atomic Paracelze, InsubMetaOrchestra) or solo. Fascinated by the plasticity of the human voice and the multiple roles it can play in electroacoustic and experimental music, his approach to the instrument extends to several registers - spoken, sung, noise, abstract sound textures. His improvisational work revolves mainly around the peripheral sounds and noise, leading to the production of organic and abstract textures or turning into singing, and includes some unique vocal techniques combining lyrical sophistication and brute animality.

    COBRA JAUNE (it)


  • 31/05/2015 > Camilla Sparksss + Solar Skeletons @ Barlok


    amilla Sparksss is the fantasy ego of Barbara Lehnhoff from Swiss Canadian art punk band Peter Kernel. She loves rap, drum machines, tutorials, thermal baths and traveling. Barbara Lehnhoff grew up amongst indian reserves on the Great Lakes of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

    She was born at -27 C° on the 17th of December 1983. At the time radios were playing Michael Jackson, The Police, Bonnie Tyler, Culture Club and “Sweet dreams” by Eurythmics. Music that went straight through the umbilical cord. Hot on the inside and cold on the outside.

    She built piece by piece an Austin Healey, she grew up with a small brown bear, she moved by boat or floatplane. Then she moved to Switzerland. She studied economy and graphic design, ending up filmmaker.

    This is Barbara Lehnhoff, this is Camilla Sparksss.


    The archangels of the sun, masters on earth, are here to guide humanity to her final redemption and finish the work of heliogabalus and his gang, venerating the almighty monolith in order to penetrate the black sun. Phallus suprematicus!

    To achieve their mission they've chosen the musical weapon without any limit of genre to bring as many humans as possible to understand the solar message. Pagan Gospel Black Metal, Minimal Ex-Stasi Techno, Death Blues, Bakery Doom, Lofi Abomination, Disco Zombie and much more.

  • 01/06/2015 > Solar Skeletons – Scavengers Ov Beliefs

    Format: MC
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/032

  • 08/06/2015 > Vitas Guerulaïtis - Le Tigre

    Format: CD/LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/031

  • 23/06/2015 > TOC @ Café Central

    TOC (fr)

    Free hypnotic pop punk, post-rock, jazz-core … Disturbing, orgiastic and communicative, Toc is unclassifiable, but shakes the feet and heads.

    After le Gorille, the group reveals with this second album You can dance (if you want) his love of improvised and energetic pop without compromising its appetite for sound experimentation …

    Playing on the volume and energy of rock, drawing its influences from Stravinsky to Sonic Youth, not to mention there between 2 and all around (The Necks, Godspeed, …), the trio emphasizes in it listening, availability, initiatives or coups d’état …

    Toc is constantly looking to work a sound material in which the identity of the instruments disappear, leaving the hollow reappear in the texture. They accept, or even provoke, surprise, disturbance, endangering …

    We find the musicians of Toc in the various collective that appears in the musical scene of Lille (Muzzix, Zoone Libre, …), operating without barriers, from experimentation (La Pieuvre, …) to jazz (Jeremie Ternoy Trio, …) through by Zeuhl (Magma) or garage rock (Sheetah et les Weissmüller…).


  • 24/07/2015 > Marylin Rambo - Qu'est-ce que tu fais pour les balances?

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/033

  • 30/07/2015 > Miss Tetanos Und Sri.Fa featuring Stephen O'Maltine + Synth Cherries @ Café Central


    Deux rats échappés d'un laboratoire électronique s'unissent avec une machine de guerre venue tout droit des bas fonds de Charleroi. Élevé dans un goulag à la bière forte et aux frites sauce carbonnaise , ce batteur mi homme-mi animal est devenu fou quand il a été entrainé par l'armée soviétique pour perfectionner son blast beat "Kalashnikov". Il n'a peur de rien, même pas de mourir et surtout pas de suivre le rythme endiablé de ces deux maîtres de la musique électronique belge. Niveau bpm ça envoie sec, imagine 2 bestioles boostées aux amphets coincées dans une roue à hamster qui pousse des disques et des potars. Tu vois la Transe Goa ? et bien ça n'a rien à voir, ce serait plutôt comme si Today is the Day faisait de la House music à Ibiza un soir de pleine lune...


    Fabienne Guinot (La Trayeuse Electrique / Vallée fm) + EDH (Lentonia Records) mêlent leurs références musicales au sein des Synth Cherries pour les bars, les bateaux, les avions, les jardins d'été où il y a des gens pour écouter et échanger!

    Les Synth Cherries propose des mix de synth wave en radio, sur mixcloud et en soirées... synth/post punk... synth/électro... synth/disco... synth tout court!

  • 04/09/2015 > Peter Kernel + Vitas Guerulaïtis + Zoft + Ed Wood @ Magasin 4


    Peter Kernel play music anyone can play in an attempt to’ satisfy man’s basic human instinct: a beat, something loud and a few words. Primary rock.


    The name of the band is obviously a nod to one of the most blazing players in the history of tennis. Vitas Gerulaitis was this inveterate party animal not always at the forefront of his opponents.

    The band comprises three french activists who sought refuge in Brussels. One may wonder what brought the trio together as their drummer (David Costenaro) is an image editor who loves monoskiing and worships Jim Thompson, their keyboard player (Célia Jankowski) specialises in performance and studies the behaviour of flies, and their guitar player (Ismaël Colombani) is a mystical violin player who gives lectures once in a while.

    Vitas Guerulaïtis are tightrope walkers who prefer to work without a net. They will even do the splits and achieve a subtle balance between dadaist punk and psychedelic kraut rock which will turn your skull upside down.

    Their second album entitled Le Tigre has just been released on Cheap Satanism Records in conjunction with a bunch of friend labels: Tandori, Aredje, Whosbrain, Do It Youssef, Attila Tralala...

    ZOFT (be)

    Zoft is a duo from Brussels.
    Zoft is not a pill to lose weight.
    Zoft is made of drums, electronic, guitar, voices, sound sculptures, lights...
    Zoft is not a chewing gum for hair loss.
    Zoft exists since 2008.

    ED WOOD JR (fr)

    Ed Wood Jr. is a drum / guitar / keys / vocals / loops duet since 2008.

    Yeah !

  • 18/09/2015 > Rraouhhh! - Relax

    Format: 12''
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/037

  • 30/09/2015 > Faergolzia + Joy As A Toy @ Café Central


    Seth Feargolzia, mastermind behind multiple exploratory musical projects including, Dufus, 23 Psaegz, Hecky Yup, Forest Creature, will embark from Rochester, New York on yet another European tour this Autumn with the latest troupe, Faergolzia.

    Seth is well known for subtly harmonic, experimental lyricism, dynamic structures, and whip-crack-acrobatic vocals. Celebrated as a vibrant example of what happens when a musician turns a genre like folk upside down and inside out, over time Faergolzia has come to represent something of a genre unto himself oft times nowhere near the folk aesthetic.

    With a body of work that exceeds 20 albums and appearances in over 20 countries with the likes of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, Regina Spektor, Jeffrey Lewis, Moldy Peaches... Faergolzia is poised to put a spring in the step of his global following with his latest project, "#100 songs" wherein he has, in a short span of months, written 100 songs, and is currently releasing one fully produced song per week through his subscription site, faergolzia.com.

    The band:

    - Seth plays acoustic guitar and loop station.
    - From California, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, John Ludington from Absynth Quintet, a critically acclaimed gypsy-grass band, “…the lovechild of Beck and Frank Zappa…” Seth and John toured Europe in 2013 with their collaborative project, Forest Creature.
    - Shaun Jones from Heck Yup, will be gently shredding electric guitar.
    - Laura Lee Jones wearing an old washboard will tinker with auxiliary percussion & provide voice and flute melodies.
    - Beat professor, drummer extraordinaire, Dominic Marini is on his maiden voyage with Faergolzia.

    The freak-folk group will be performing a full and varied cross-section of the peerless oddball music that has delighted and baffled audiences, collaborators, and critics alike for over a decade. Faergolzia will continue to shake musical conventions, making moments honest and organic in their exploration of possibility.

    JOY AS A TOY (be)

    Gil Mortio, Clement Nourry and Jean-Philippe De Gheest formed Joy As A Toy to satisfy their love of fun and games. The band’s main ambition is to get the audience to dance to their raw and largely improvised rock music which is based on powerful riffs and radical atmosphere changes. The trio is capable of suddenly switching from a simple melody to sonic madness that verges on trippy, psychedelic music.

    As a result, they will wear the audience out and leave it feeling empty. But the band might not get everyone to dance. They are very much aware of this paradox. They may rule the dancefloor just as well as they may suck the energy out of the listener. They have even made this Joy As A Toy’s registrered trademark since they claim to play “tennis pop” and “vampire rock”.

  • 29/10/2015 > Pneumatic Head Compressor + Onmens @ Café Central

    Last year Magasin 4 invites us to celebrate our 5th birthday while they were busy to honour their 20 years in existence. This year we are going to return the favour for their 21st birthday and our 6 years...


    The band was created in Brussels in 1994 by two French brothers, respectively guitarist and bass guitarist.

    They were soon joined by Belgian musicians. After many line-up changes and numerous concerts in Belgium and abroad, Pneumatic Head Compressor has stabilized.

    Guitar, bass guitar, singing and machines form a music group of 2 persons having achieved a certain maturity and personality by mixing sounds and arrangements that stray off the beaten track.

    With unstructured, heavy, tortured music and a confusion of original tones, strange noises, shouts and atypical singings, P.H.C. surprises by the originality and diversity of its repertoire.

    The influences of the band are in between industrial, electronical, metal, rock and noise music.

    ONMENS (be)

    Onmens seeks to strip its music down to the effective and direct. The Ghent based duo combines an electronic nocturnal pulse with abrasive guitars and vocals to create a distinct style. These boys deliver dark, punishing, power electronics derived from the seeds of the legendary Belgian underground sound. Based on electronic body music and xtc-craving punks.

  • 19/11/2015 > Insect Ark + Thisquietarmy @ Café Central

    INSECT ARK (us)

    Insect Ark started as a the one-woman solo project of bassist/multi-instrumentalist Dana Schechter. Formed in late 2011, Insect Ark has been building a following in the experimental/doom/drone scene in both their hometown of NYC and internationally.

    In Jan 2015, San Francisco-based drummer Ashley Spungin (Taurus) joined on drums and synthesizers. Schechter will perform solo when Spungin is on the west coast.

    Creating a personal soundtrack to the human psyche’s underbelly, Insect Ark weaves a brooding, textural landscape, a starless night spiked with light and flash. The music braids together delay-drenched lapsteel, drums, distorted bass & synths to create a sonic mural both uncomfortably intimate and icy cold.

    Schechter has a history working with other projects, notably as bassist in M. Gira’s Angels of Light (Swans) and her own band Bee and Flower. Spungin is known for her work with Portland based bands Taurus and Purple Rhinestone Eagle. Schechter is also an animator and video artist working in the film business by trade.

    Insect Ark’s first full-length album, Portal/Well will be released has been released on CD with Autumnsongs Records, June 2015.
    Previous releases include the 10” Vinyl EP Long Arms (2013, Geweih Ritual Documents) and the 7” Vinyl Collapsar (2012, Lancashire and Somerset Records).

    On these first three releases, Schechter played and recorded all the instruments in her Brooklyn studio.


    Thisquietarmy is an experimental guitar-based project from Montreal, Quebec, Canada - active since 2005. Revolving around improvised guitar-based drone music, he takes his sonic experimentations further by adding textural and structural elements of post-punk, shoegaze, krautrock, post-rock, black metal and doom metal to them. The results can be described as dark, melodic, expansive and engaging dreamscapes. His live performances are mostly presented as a real-time score to hypnotic ethereal visuals, which he creates himself for each performance.

    thisquietarmy's discography comprises of over 30 releases on 20+ different labels worldwide, including full-length albums on esteemed labels such as Denovali Records, Aurora Borealis, Consouling Sounds, Shelter Press, three:four Records & Alien8 Recordings. thisquietarmy has also recorded collaborations with Aidan Baker (Nadja), Scott Cortez (loveliescrushing), André Foisy (Locrian), Labirinto, Monarch, Noveller, Syndrome (Amenra), Year Of No Light & Yellow6, and is involved in other bands such as Hypnodrone Ensemble, Destroyalldreamers & Parallel Lines.

    With such a prolific body of work and 325+ live performances in 30+ countries in North/South America, Europe & Asia - thisquietarmy is a pioneer of the experimental music scene emerging from Canada.

    DJ: NCY BICHE (be)


  • 26/01/2016 > Mai Mai Mai @ Café Central

    Some Noise and Cheap Satanism Records welcome you to

    MAI MAI MAI (it)

    This project is the transposition of those experiences into music and sounds: a mix of drone and ambient, steamy technoid rhythmics, percussions, field recordings and sound-scapes which lead us to ancient and arcane ages, on the border between east and west.

    After the debut Theta LP, out on Boring Machines (2013) and mixed by Jamie Stewart (Xiu Xiu), Delta (Yerevan Tapes, 2014) is his second release and second part of his journey across the Mediterranean Sea, through hidden memories, old unconscious and sounds of past experiences, put together and mixed today using tapes, synths and sequencers.

    In the meantime, a collaboration with the producer LUNAR LODGE (LL/MMM - 12" out on Love Blast / Instruments Of Disciplime) and ?Alos (Matrice - LP out on Cheap Satanism Records) makes him exploring more and proper industrial and dark techno sounds: all done with genuine analogue equipement (909, 707, MS20, Opera 6, Pro-One and modular synths...)

  • 27/01/2016 > Krakenizer + Les Lapins Electriques @ Café Central

    Les dossiers du satanisme à bas prix vous invitent à sa première chance aux chansons!



  • 16/02/2016 > Anla Courtis + Gert-Jan Prins @ Café Central

    Some Noise and Cheap Satanism Records welcome you to


    The music of Anla Courtis always has a strong experimental sense and usually based on high-skilled techniques of prepared sound, tape manipulations, processing of field recordings, live electronics, objects, cymbals, synthesizers, computer tools, playing traditional (both acoustic and electric) instruments as well as self-built, strange and unusual instruments. Gert-Jan Prins has been known for twenty years as one of the most challenging sound artists in the Netherlands . He is an autodidact who focuses on the sonic and musical qualities of electronic 'noise'.

  • 25/02/2016 > Organic + Shetahr @ Café Central

    ORGANIC (be)

    Organic started in 2011 after a common Post New Wave.

    Joris Oster, Olivier Justin and Raphaël Haubourdin decided to create an electro/coldwave band merging the power of a fuzzy bass guitar with electronic signals.

    After few nights spent in a recording studio, Alchemy took place

    Joris, Olivier and Raphaël write songs together and provide innovative sounds excluding guitars in favor of vintage synthetizers and burning bass lines.

    After a first album Under your carbon constellation released in 2013, ORGANIC toured around 40 dates in Europe including support acts for Agent Side Grinder and Graham Coxon.

    Now the band is proud to present a second album called Empty century co-released on Manic Depression (FR) and Swiss Dark Nights (CH/IT). Line-up and Concept remain the same but songs are now about our new

    Century filled with disillusionments and hopes.

    Organic, an effective and original project to shake you head.

    SHETAHR (be)

    Shetahr is a three headed trash pop band from Brussels. They are primitive, demented and existential. Driven by animalistic drums, edgy guitare and a howling voice they'll bite your face off. Expect a stripped down set-up and a raw performance.

  • 24/03/2016 > Bestial Mouth + Monolithe Noir @ Café Central

    An evening in collaboration with Weyrd Son Records


    Pooling together a group of influences as diverse as its members, Bestial Mouths present a raw, synth-driven energy propelled by singer Lynette Cerezo's powerful vocals. Often likened to Diamanda Galas, Siouxsie Sioux or Lydia Lunch, Cerezo delivers each note with fury and abandon.


    "I noticed a huge black monolith in orbit around the planet, so I was sucked into a colorful tunnel and terrified, travel at high speed through space, discovering strange cosmic phenomena and extraterrestrial landscapes with amazing colors"

  • 25/03/2016 > Attila Krang - GYMKHANA

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/041

  • 31/03/2016 > Perrine en Morceaux + Refurinn Kitsune @ Café Central


    Projet solo OVNI de la scène musicale française Perrine en Morceaux [PEM] mérite plus que tout autre l'étiquette de "pop expérimentale". Ses chansons expriment de manière frontale et incarnée des textes qui résonnent avec le temps, tout en se risquant à une musique dense et hypnotique qui outrepasse avec effronterie les barrières de styles. Musicienne autodidacte et artiste pluridisciplinaire (arts visuels, performance, philosophie), elle se dit "experte en rien" et transforme ses pratiques ingénues en savoir.


    Refurinn Kitsune, projet solo de la pianiste et percussionniste Florence Cha! Cayron (ex-Baby Fire, LEM, Cha!Selektor) est un isthme improbable entre deux eaux : à bâbord, le minimalisme mélancolique d'une pop vocale fantasmée ; à tribord l'électro-bricolage d'une passionnée du son. À la fois intime et ludique, évanescent et terrien - par ses échos, ses accrocs - Refurinn Kitsune est un fragile jeu d'amour et de hasard, contenant un parfait dosage de folie.

    DJ: KIKA / Radio Campus Bruxelles (be)

  • 05/04/2016 > Ciné-concert: Carnival of Souls @ Café Central


    A la croisée entre road movie, film d’angoisse, d’horreur... Carnival Of Souls est un film de Herk Harvey, réalisé en 1962, remis en musique par Olivier Desmulliez (Ed Wood Jr.) et Benjamin Collier.

  • 28/04/2016 > Oui Mais Non + Kevin Thomson @ Café Central

    Cheap Satanism Records will be 6 years, 6 months and 6 days old on Monday April 25th. Let's celebrate this symbolic milestone with some people who have made the history of Cheap Satanism Records !

    OUI MAIS NON (fr)

    "Je pense une chose, j'en dis une deuxième, j'en fais une troisième."

    Partant de ce postulat anodin, les Oui Mais Non jouent un rock instrumental polymorphe.
    Tantôt égaré en pleine savane, tantôt stoïque, tantôt frénétique, ce trio, quatuor, quintet vogue tel une carpe dans des ruisseaux noise, post rock et krautrock.


    Kevin Thomson is a Scottish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Scottish Championship club Hibernian. Thomson has also previously played for Rangers, Middlesbrough and Dundee and has represented Scotland. He plays as a defensive midfielder with key attributes of passing and tackling.

    He's also best known as one of the guitarists of Enablers.



  • 12/10/2016 > Christophe Clébard + Hazy @ Café Central


    Christophe Clébard is a solo doom-disco-dance-punk project, recalling the punishing groove of Martin Rev and Suicide. His music is undeniably groovy and puts the listener into a trance while his punishing vocal assault sends one on a dark psychic odyssey. A recent Vancouver transplant from Brussels, Christophe Clébard has been a refreshingly severe addition to the Vancouver music scene. Agony Klub Records will be releasing his forthcoming album in September.

    HAZY (ca)

    Hazy is a solo post-love-noise-rock project. Live, her sets weave together intimate songwriting, with most beloved covers, through a droning, expansive wall of guitar-noise. Hazy sounds naive, complex, vulnerable, mysterious, crushy, and crushing. This July, she is releasing a debut cassette & book with Vancouver's Agony Klub Records, titled, x.o. Virgo Ox. Side A features songs written over the last 5 years; side B is a 22 minute drone-noise journey that ends with the death throe screams of a new life from the ashes.

  • 14/10/2016 > Convulsif - IV

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/039

  • 28/10/2016 > Clément Nourry - Under The Reefs

    Format: CD
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/038

  • 31/10/2016 > 7 Years Birthday / Halloween Party @ Café Central

    DJ: TZII (fr)

    Depuis presque 20 ans Tzii, compositeur et cinéaste, diffuse ses fréquences occultes à travers le monde lors de tournées qui l'ont déjà enmené en Europe Centrale et Occidentale, Australie, Japon, Canada, USA et Afrique. Que ce soit par du dark ambient cinématographique ou de la brutalité électronique pure, son but est d'entrainer le spectateur dans une spirale transcendentale, qu'elle que soit le procédé/chemin emprunté. "the process is the product"!!!


    Vincent Satan, plus connu pour son rôle de mécène diabolique au sein de Cheap Satanism Records que comme DJ, viendra présenter cette autre facette de sa personnalité. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas encore ce personnage, sachez que ce surnom maléfique ne signifie pas pour autant que Vincent passe son temps à convertir les auditeurs égarés en fans de back metal novérgien. Avec Satanism Records, il adore satan surtout pour tout ce qu’il a de poil-à-gratter et grand-guignol. N’ayez pas peur donc... Approchez mesdames et messieurs !


    Cha!Selektor vous ravit de ses DJ sets dans plusieurs cafés de la capitale et parfois même ailleurs.

  • 02/12/2016 > Cazzurillo – Greetings from Grinchland

    Format: CD
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/034

  • 15/12/2016 > Vitas Guerulaïtis + Grüppe @ Café Central


    Vitas Guerulaïtis est.

    Un trio idiot.
    Un joueur de tennis mort avec une faute d’orthographe.
    Un nom imprononçable.
    Le plus fougeux des groupes de musiques inconnues.

    GRÜPPE (fr)

    Grüppe is a band playing a kind of music.
    They sometimes record songs.
    They also play gigs.
    It's a band made of musicians.
    Those musicians play instruments.
    Their instruments produce sounds.
    Those sounds are usually called music by the audience.
    Sometimes not, it depends of the band, it depends also of the audience.
    Grüppe loves music.
    Grüppe loves tautology.

  • 16/12/2016 > Grüppe - Vinÿle

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/042

  • 12/01/2017 > Les Croisières Dolori @ Sterput


    Deux filles aux claquettes sur plaques de métal amplifiées, un tromboniste sur lit de rototoms et autres percussions, des chants yaourts sur nappes de synthétiseur, un blues aux basses analogiques infusé à la no­wave de l'est.

    Les croisières dolori, un voyage en barqu à ond plat, une escale au bar "le transat", un ête païenne perdue quelque part dans les méandres d'un delta oublié.

  • 13/01/2017 > Gabriel Hibert - Abucté

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/044

  • 15/02/2017 > Viruuunga + Lewinski @ Café Central

    VIRUUUNGA (ch)

    Swiss psych duo formed in 2014. Bass, guitar, voice and drum machine. Repetitive, tight rhythms and a heavy bass grooves are stained by noisy guitars, shouts and mourns.

    They sometimes experiment with american drummer Harry Druzd (Endless Boogie) ‘cause he’s the kind of guy who doesn’t wreck the groove, just like Olga the drum machine.
    In 2015 the band toured in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland, sharing the stage with Peter Kernel, Forks and other international acts.

    On april 2016 a New York residency let them share the stage with Talibam!, Honey and Endless Boogie while taking inspiration from the creative attitude of the city's musical scene.

    Spank, the first EP presenting 5 original songs, has been published by On The Camper Records (Peter Kernel, Francesca Lago...)

    LEWINSKI (be)

    You slam the door of your bedroom and fling yourself down on the bed. Kicking off your Converse one-stars and pulling your plaid shirt over your head, you look up at the posters on your wall. Amongst Pixies, Sonic Youth, Archers of Loaf and McLusky, one band stands out – a power three-piece from Belgium, France and the UK, whose unrelenting spiky tunes form the soundtrack to your angst. “Only Lewinski understand me”, you sob, pulling out their latest mixtape and turning the dial up to 10, so everyone in the house is deafened by your strangled rage.

    Meeting randomly in Brussels, the three drew on a healthy pedigree past of guitar noise bands, ranging from bassist Ruth’s punk rock shows in Afghanistan (Echobelly, White City) to guitarist Fred’s (The Poontang’s Explosion). Finding a mutual longing for the days of small labels and hand-drawn fanzines, the three came together in 2015 to write songs to form the soundtrack to your bedroom angst.

  • 17/02/2017 > Guili Guili Goulag – Saint-Arnoult 3018

    Format: LP
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/043

  • 12/03/2017 > Jesus Is My Son + Clément Nourry @ Sterput

    JESUS IS MY SON (be)

    Jesus is my son is the solo project of guitarist Grégory Duby.

    Original works of Jesus is my son contain elements of minimalism, folk music, drone and 20th century classical music, as well as compositions based on blues, oriental and medieval music. Aspiring to create melancholic and naked music, Grégory Duby's influences range from Erik Satie to Morton Feldman via Popol Vuh and Lorren Connors.


    Sonic haikus, electric madrigals and obsessive tunes.

    Clément Nourry roamed the underwater world with his six-string and came back to the surface with a stripped-down album: Under the Reefs, a dream-like journey with Jim O' Rourke, John Fahey, Gesualdo and Ornette Coleman.

    Clément Nourry has travelled the world with his guitar and compositions. Thirsty for wide-open spaces and new musical horizons, he decided to settle in Brussels 15 years ago. He has worked with artists such as Marc Ribot, Ches Smith, Kris Defoort, Pierre Vandormael...

    Nowadays, in addition to his solo work, he performs with Joy as a Toy, Nicolas Michaux, Karim Gharbi and Yokaï. He is currently collaborating with choreographer and Butoh dancer Anne-Laure Lamarque.

  • 23/03/2017 > Judith Juillerat + Postcoïtum @ Café Central


    Judith Juillerat is making music in her home studio in the French small town of Besançon near the Jura mountains. She exposed her music to the public for the first time in early 2005, when she won the remix contest for Björk's Army Of Me put on by Unicef, against 600 other contestants. Her first album Soliloquy ( Shitkatapult ) was produced without a computer. She plays with old and new analog and digital synthesizers and beat boxes, a mini sampler, effect machines and a microphone as well as with acoustic instruments such as the piano and guitar. Track by track, she puts her songs and soundscapes together using a multi-track recorder.
    Nooks & Crannies, her last album, has been released last year on the french label Lentonia Records (EDH, Unison, Perrine en Morceaux...)


    C'est autour d'une performance de 11 minutes le 11 novembre 2011 que Damien Ravnich (batterie) et Bertrand Wolff (laptop, synthés) se rencontrent. Postcoitum nait de la synergie des deux musiciens autour de compositions instrumentales denses invoquant un sens aiguisé de la narration. Ils construisent alors un paysage sonore nourri de références électroniques, industrielles et rock.

    Après Animal Triste et Himera, produit par le label Daath dont les artistes sont fondateurs, le duo a sorti Learning to be me et nous invite à une errance teintée de références de science-fiction.

    14 morceaux entre compositions rythmiques syncopées et expérimentations électroniques où la batterie et les machines s’accompagnent jusqu’à une quasi fusion. Dans le live, ils tentent justement de poursuivre cette symbiose entre gestuelle instrumentale et électronique grâce à des capteurs sur la batterie reliés à des sons MIDI.

  • 12/04/2017 > Les Croisières Dolori + Sugartits & Divorce Express @ Café Central


    Les Croisières Dolori is a kind of super band with members of Rraouhhh, Duflan Dulfan and Heimat. It consists of two girls tap dancing on amplified metal plates and a trombonist. It sound likes a blues played with analog synth influenced by eastern no wave music.


  • 21/04/2017 > Jesus Is My Son – Faust et l’Enfer de Dante

    Format: CD
    Catalog Number: CHEAP666/046

  • 11/05/2017 > EDH + Synth Cherries @ Café Central

    EDH (fr)

    Emmanuelle de Héricourt aka EDH travaille essentiellement avec des sons synthétiques, des lignes de basse et des voix. Sa musique se situe entre electronica obscure et synth pop. Elle sort son premier album en 2003 sur le label Japonnais IntikRec. Trois ans plus tard, suivra The Correct Use Of Pets en colaboration avec Hypo sur le label parisien Active Suspension. Puis les New York Tracks sur Matte Black Editions, le label du rappeur américain Subtitle.

    En 2008, elle rejoint Elise Pierre à la tête de Lentonia Records. Dans une optique de militantisme culturel, le label s'attache à valoriser une scène électro-synthwave exclusivement féminine. EDH sortira 4 albums sur Lentonia Records en plus de Eps, collaborations et remixes sur divers autres labels.

    Dernier album en date : Lava Club (mai 2014)
    Prochaine sortie : Sos Spring (mai 2017)


    Personnage fictif

    Les Synth Cherries propose des mix de synth wave en radio, sur mixcloud et en soirées ... synth/post punk...synth/électro...synth/disco...synth tout court!